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Life of Brian

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This journal is used for the RPG lawandorder_siu for more information go there

Name: ADA Brian Peluso
Age: 31

Physical Description:
Brian is 6’2” and lean, but also muscular. He has dark, wavy hair that is often slicked back and a mustache and goatee. While at work he wears a suit and tie, but usually by the end of the day the tie is lose and his sleeves are rolled up. He dresses casually when not on the job. He’s also pictured in my icon.


In the words of a co-worker Brian’s a “working-class mutt from Queens”. His father left him and his mother when he was four. He’s never forgiven him for that, Brian didn’t even go visit him when he was in the hospital for seven weeks for open heart surgery. He’s trying to shed his humble roots, but at the same time is very loyal to his family.

For the most part Brian sticks to one night stands and is known for them around the office. He did have a long term two part relationship with Lisa Sandorff which ended for good when he caught her cheating on him. While being held hostage in a courtroom he confesses to being in love with Christina Finn, a fellow ADA. However, he hasn’t done much about it because he’s afraid of hurting her.

Educational/Career History:
Brian went to Queensborough Community College for two years and then transferred to Syracuse University to finish up his undergrad. He headed back to the city and went to Columbia University for law school. After he graduated he got a job at the DA’s office and has been working there for the past six years.

Brian was held hostage, along with eighteen others, was held hostage in a courtroom by a pair of defendants. The ordeal ended with him being taken down the courthouse steps with a gun to his head and talking the hostage taker into giving up his gun. The situation took a toll on him and he decided that he needed a change of pace so he put in for a transfer to another bureau, one with enough intense cases to keep his mind off things.

Brian’s a guy who likes to live life on the edge. He gambles, sleeps with a different woman every night of the week, and frequently comes to work with a hangover. However, he takes his job seriously. He’s tough in the courtroom and when dealing with defendants and witnesses. There’s also a soft side about him and he knows how to make a girl feel special.

Brian can be a bit of a hothead at times and can become physical, but only off the job. He’s roughed up his bookie and almost got into a brawl with some cops at a bar. He considers himself to be a screw-up and won’t let himself go after the things he really wants. Brian also has an addiction to Red Bull.

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